This time of year I find my mind awash with questions:  Who are my students?  What will be the focus of our professional development?  How will I accomplish all of my goals?  What are my goals?  It seems to be a common thread.



“As we focus on technology in our schools, the question that we all must consider is “What is best for kids?”  That should guide all conversations.  The other 3 questions that I continue to consider are the following:

How does this improve learning? 

If we were to do _________, what is the balance of risk vs. reward? 

Is this serving the few or the majority? “


Other questions from Rick DuFour:

What are they learning?  How do I know?  What if they aren’t?


There are many questions we could ask at the beginning a new school year (New School Year Questions).  But what other questions are the most important, the most essential?


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