Qualifications Statement for Innovation TOSA

Yesterday, July 24th, John Spencer released his course, Makerspace Master Course, and of I course I enrolled. Currently I am studying books like Empower, Launch, Supporting Students in Constructing Explanations in Science: The C.E.R Framework for Talk and Writing, Shift This, and The Innovator’s Mindset.  Recently I was a TIP Grant recipient which allowed me to explore in a 1:1 environment the capabilities educational technology had to offer my students. Last year, 2015-16,  I was a member of the Science Leadership Network for ESD 112. This past spring I branched out further by taking a class, followed by seeking and achieving a grant to get a class set of Ozobots for my classroom. In fact my students and I teamed up with four other 5th grade classrooms in order to get them started in coding themselves. I also took a fascinating class at the ESD called Renewable Energy: Inquiry and Engineering. As an ad-hoc member of our school Innovation Center committee I have been able to instruct my fellow teachers in the whys and how-to’s of such tools as Hapara, Newsela, and Google Classroom to name a few. After reading, Amplify by Kristin Ziemke and seeing her in person, I personally bought a copy for each member of our IC committee. On almost a daily basis I am able to help my colleagues increase their capacity in small steps on their journey to master the use of educational technology as a tool to personalize the learning for themselves and their charges.

I curate about 20 ezines devoted to various topics in education. I have over 3,000 followers, the bulk of which follow my ezine, Trees:All Things Edtech. A few other ezines I curate are:

I invite you to follow me on Twitter. My handle is @Kevreadenn. I have about 1,300 followers while following about 1,500.  I also invite you to peruse my recently revamped website/blog, Ripples. I  heartily enjoy sharing in these mediums with fellow educators worldwide. These types of connections keep my practice in a state of constant revision and reflection all the while adhering to the core practices of the teaching-learning cycle.

If I were a teacher that needed coaching from a fellow teacher, what qualities would I be looking for? I would want solid pedagogical knowledge and experience, a zeal for educational technology and the desire to genuinely help me and my learners increase the meaningful use of technology for learning. I would want someone who listens to me, assesses my needs and is dogged in their pursuit to meet the needs of myself and my learners. I believe that I am the person who possesses the qualities my fellow teachers and their students are looking for. I envision myself being there to help remove the barriers my colleagues face as they try to integrate innovation into their learning plans. I foresee it being my job to help teachers and students get from where they are to engaging with such learning tools as PBL, makerspaces, coding, etc , to places they’ve never been; much like Wayne Gretzky skating to where the puck will be.

I believe I am uniquely suited for this position given my years of service in our district coupled with my passion for integrating educational technology. Throughout my years of service I am constantly keeping the goal in sight: increasing the learning opportunities for all, both teacher and student alike. I am an innovative thinker by nature and am eager to share that passion beyond my classroom and school, to schools and classrooms throughout our district.

Education is my last and best career. I have been a farmer, a retail bookstore manager, an insurance agent and an office manager. I began my career in teaching with the idea of equipping myself to help as broad a population as possible,  hence my choice of getting licensed in both general and special education. Immediately upon beginning my student teaching I used the one computer in our classroom to begin to explore how technology could be used to assist all learners. In addition I perceived early on that educational technology could be used in myriad ways to ignite passions, increase engagement, give access to vast storehouses of knowledge, enable differentiation on a scale heretofore unreachable and provide immediate feedback to teacher/learners alike. I greatly desire to continue this journey as an Innovation TOSA working side by side with colleagues and their learners to increase their capabilities in this arena.





1810 SE 89th Ave

Portland, OR 97216

Cell Phone (503) 358-1544

Work Phone: (360) 604-6650

Twitter: @Kevreadenn


Website: Ripples


During my past twenty years of teaching in Evergreen Public Schools, I’ve developed a unique and comprehensive knowledge of our district’s educational plans, in addition I have become quite familiar with our state assessment system in various roles I’ve served with OSPI; Scoring Supervisor, Standards Setting, etc. I’ve written and successfully obtained various grants during my tenure including the Teacher Leadership Project (TLP) 2002, Technology Innovation Pilot (TIP) 2014, and Donors Choose – Ozobots Project. I am a current member of BIE, NCCE, ISTE and NCTM. I have participated in many instructional technology workshops through our ESD, district and building as either an attendee or trainer; most recently


  • 1995 Graduate Dual/Inclusion Program Elementary Education and Special Education, Portland State University – Portland, Oregon
  • 1990 Bachelor of Science – Psychology, Portland State University – Portland, Oregon


1999-Present: Fisher’s Landing Elementary Innovation Center, Vancouver, Washington

4th Grade Teacher 1999-2016; 5th Grade Teacher 2016-2017

Supporting learners in all subject areas; focused on increasing capacity of all teachers and students to use technology broadly defined to personalize and enhance learning experiences

Innovation Center support

  • key member of our school STEM committee; planned and implemented monthly STEM challenges culminating with our first school wide Family STEM Night
  • teaming with district leaders to teach students in 1:1 Chromebook environment
  • delivering “just in time” technology support to learners
  • working in collaboration with teacher-librarians, district ed-tech personnel to develop and implement instructional technology as appropriate to the classroom environment
  • piloting the use of such programs as itslearning, Google Classroom, and Redbird
  • teaming with our building technology committee to develop policies/procedures to maintain hardware and create environments conducive to educational technology support for learning
  • ad-hoc member of site-based Innovation Center committee; introduced the book Amplify to our IC members; advising fellow members based upon my experiences with the 1:1 technology environment as we endeavor to personalize the learning in our classrooms
  • training teachers to effectively utilize Chromebooks as tools to enhance teaching and learning
  • modeling and facilitating technology integration in multiple classrooms, aided by my own classroom learners
  • continually researching, evaluating, and using various resources, such as websites, software, and hardware, to provide myself, other staff and students with experiences on new learning tools

Classroom Instruction

  • establish and maintain a classroom environment conducive to questioning and problem solving
  • teach all subject areas in a 1:1 Chromebook environment
  • differentiated and responsive to student needs
  • provide reflection during and after learning experiences to aide in metacognition
  • utilize assessment to plan for instruction
  • guided by state standards and district Scope and Sequence


  • School STEM committee member
  • Ad-hoc member of building Innovation Center committee
  • TIP Grant recipient
  • Teacher Leadership Project grant recipient
  • Instructor for building “edcamps”- Newsela, Hapara, Google Classroom
  • Member of building School Improvement Plan Committee
  • Member of building Intervention Committee
  • Member of building Technology Committee
  • Co-Lead teacher for cohort to OSPI Summer Institutes
  • Member of district hiring staff at Job Fairs

1996-1999: Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary ,Vancouver, Washington

Special Education Teacher 3-6; Reading Specialist 3rd

Coordinated all aspects of instructional support for learners in grades 3-6

Instructional Support

  • Participated as a member of the Building Assessment Team.
  • Assessed and evaluated students in all areas of potential need to determine eligibility and areas of service/need.
  • Developed, implemented and monitored Individualized Education Plans & Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Provided specially designed instruction, support, and related services to students including accommodations, supplemental services, and modification of general education curriculum to students.
  • Implemented student learning focused data collection; monitored and reported student progress.
  • Managed/coordinated accommodations for students related to state and federal assessments
  • Consulted and communicated with other professionals and students’ families regarding the individualized needs of students.
  • Worked effectively and cooperatively with parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff
  • Supervised, scheduled and trained paraprofessionals to monitor and administer IEP goals
  • Understood and used a variety of assistive technologies and programs such as CoWriter, Inspiration, and Write: OutLoud
  • Participated in personal ongoing professional development.
  • Maintained student records and confidentiality in accordance with professional practice, state, and federal law
  • Met district, state, and federal timelines and legal requirements of IEP’s.
  • Oversaw general management of student’s health and physical needs beyond instruction, especially a student that was severely handicapped by Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.



  • (Upcoming OnebyOne Instructor August 2017)- “Hyperdocs: The Ultimate Gamechanger” , “If You Build It They Will Come: Building Your PLN”, “STEMtastic Elementary Engineering” (co-presenter)
  • BIE Subscriber 2017-18
  • NCCE Member 2017-2018
  • ISTE Member 2017-2018
  • NCTM Member since 2001
  • Donors Choose Grant Recipient for Ozobots in the Classroom
  • Technology Innovation Pilot 2014-present
  • NCCE Attendee 2015
  • Teacher Leadership Project 2002 – Gates Foundation
  • Ad-hoc Member: Fisher’s Landing Innovation Center committee
  • Member of ESD 112 Science Leadership Network 2015-2016
  • Member Technology Committee at Fisher’s Landing Elementary: 1999-present
  • Member of itslearning Design Team 2016
  • Twitter user since 2012 @Kevreadenn; 1,300 followers
  • Flipboard Curator of about 20 different educational ezines; 3,000 followers – Trees: All Things EdTech has the most followers at just over 2,000
  • Recent Professional Development
    • for Elementary 2017
    • Renewable Energy: Inquiry & Engineering 2017
    • NGSS in 4th Grade 2016
    • Tapping Into Personalized Learning 2016
    • Taking Close Reading to the Next Level 2016
    • Introduction to Close Reading 2016
    • Science Leadership Training- Phenomena 2016
    • Targeted PD to Increase Student Learning 2015
    • Science Learning Network 2015
    • Washington Google Summit 2015
    • Safari Montage in the Classroom 2015
    • How to Build, Design, and Use Google Forms 2015
    • Presentations w/ Google Slides 2015
    • Google Docs in the Classroom 2015
    • Google Sheets 2015
    • Creating a Culture of Hope 2014
    • Revving Up CCSS w/ tech Tools 2014
    • Classroom Management for the 21st Century 2014
    • Using Chromebooks to Create 2014
    • Effective PLC’s 2013
    • Become a Webmaster w/ Google Sites 2013
    • Data Collection w/ Google Forms 2013
    • Using Online Databases to Address CCSS 2013
    • iPad Apps for the Common Core 2013
    • Word 2010: Tips and Tricks 2013
    • Visual Design 2013
    • Edmodo: Beyond the Basics 2013
    • Glogster 2013
    • Edmodo For Teachers 2013
    • Fractions and Operations 2013
    • iPad for Students 2013
    • Interactive Teaching w iPad 2013


  • Experience training and working with teachers and students utilizing, Scratch, Makey Makey and Sphero
  • Experienced with various instructional technology applications, learning management systems, and services (such as Twitter, Google Suite for Education, itslearning, Google Classroom, iPads, Chromebooks, OneNote, SeeSaw…) and able to quickly come up to speed on new applications when introduced and train new staff in both how to use and how to develop innovative classroom applications.
  • Committed to finding and utilizing online resources to enhance learning
  • Experienced with instructional technology applications, such as blogging, podcasting, social networks, learning management systems, etc.; known as an early adopter of new instructional technologies
  • Often help with day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting in various classroom settings in my school
  • Experienced with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Chrome operating systems as well as many online learning environments



And, is it sustainable?


Coming Up-Possibilities for the New Year

Flipgrid. The Power of Student Voice. from Flipgrid on Vimeo.


Identity Day

I think this would be a great way to start the year because it directly sets the expectation of student voice and choice. Could use Seesaw or other digital platforms too. Thanks again , George Couros.



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