Just this past spring we learned of the shuttering of three major edtech services: Office Mix, and Ten Marks. Also a change in Padlet’s Terms of Service. Today’s Meet is also shutting down.

1) OfficeMix – Link below on migration tips. The link below that is on the “new” method.

2) – Below is a link for an alternative to the QR Code maker in Also bitly can be used to shorten URL’s and there is TinyURL

3) Alas I had just found out how much I like TenMarks Writing.

4) “FYI for those that use Padlet. Looks like padlet are now charging and bringing in a free and a premium service. If you’re already a member you’ll get a limit of 3 more padlets than you already have. New members will get 3 max. And to get any more you’ll need to pay. We’ll all need to be better at deleting old defunct padlets ” -
Links to alternatives for Padllet below: Lino, Wakelet, Dotstorming, Scrumblr, or Pinside

I’ve also posted a link to Padlet, in case you have not tried it yet.

For myself, I am currently willing to pay for the upgrade to Padlet. Why? They have added built-in audio and video recording recently. And I believe that it is a service worth paying for.

These are companies after all and must unlike us in the public sector, post a profit-otherwise they will be gone.

A member of my PLN, Lynn Hilt, puts it so well in here recent post. I have posted a link below.

QR Droid Zapper | QR Code Generator
lino – Sticky and Photo Sharing for you

Wakelet – The best way to share and collect content

Pinside – Virtual sticky notes, collaborative or private.
Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world
Tools come and go. Learning should not. And what’s a “free” edtech tool, anyway? – Learning in Technicolor – shorten that long URL into a tiny URL
Important information about Office Mix Preview end of service – PowerPoint