In response to: “Fighting the battle of copy/paste cheating”

I don’t like the conclusion you reached because I know in my gut that it be true. However, I find it is also a time problem. I have 4 hours each week to plan, provide feedback, communicate, and create for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary Work, Grammar, Mechanics, Technology, and Art Standards. Planning includes analyzing myriad assessments, personalizing, providing remediation, planning for whole class, small group, partner and individual instruction. Communication involves all stakeholders; students, parents, and fellow staff. It also includes writing progress reports and report cards. Creation includes designing units, lessons, and assessments since we often either do not have a guaranteed, viable curriculum or what we have has to be modified. Now throw in a recess incident, a discipline problem, a depressed student, an IEP, etc. and some of that 4 hours is gone. In my desire to be succinct I may have left out a few other requirements.

Obviously, the great load of teaching is played out behind the scenes while the bulk of our time is on the carpet in front of our learners. Hence, many use “activities”, TPT, Pinterest, etc.


And I love teaching. Yet, we find we are constantly striving for a sustainable practice. Sustainable for ourselves, our families, our students, our colleagues, our schools and our communities, all of whom we serve.