I am a professional reader. Isn’t that great, yes, I get paid to read. Don’t you wish you had my job? But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that perhaps you already knew but, hey, none of us know everything that’s why you got people like me out there writing, right?

I suppose there are two types of reading that I like to engage in; reading for pleasure and reading professionally. Now when I read for pleasure, here’s my preferred medium.

And when I read professionally, here’s my preferred medium.

Why the difference?






  • In a former life I was a bookstore manager, so there is something indescribably visceral about the actual holding of a book that you enjoy reading.
  • I have way too many books already so the more professional books I can get electronically the better since after all, I am a professional reader.
  • Often times the electronic version is less expensive, has hyperlinks, perhaps bonus materials, might be more easily updated.
  • I usually read professionally in my office at my desk. Helps the mindset and keeps me from napping.
  • But one of my most important reasons for reading professionally in the electronic way is that I can highlight, write notes, and make multiple bookmarks. My highlights and notes are then easy to copy/paste for whatever nefarious purpose I may have though actually it is always an educational purpose.






Try it, you’ll like it



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