I Hate My Mac

After years of being with Apple I am ready to switch away.  I “upgraded” to the new Mavericks OS along with updating Pages, Numbers, Mail etc.  Now I am unable to merge fields from a Numbers spreadsheet to a Pages document nor am I able to access my Exchange account in Mail.  This is so inconvenient that, like I said, I am ready to switch .  I was even thinking of getting the new iPad but then I see it continues to have 1 gb of RAM, poor printer support, virtually no peripheral access (READ USB port)–so nope.  And I was so excited that I would finally be able to buy books on iBooks and read them on all my machines.

2 Responses to I Hate My Mac

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    Have things gotten any better for you since you wrote that post. I also don’t like the “downgrade” which Pages and Numbers seem to be in their latest iterations. So far Keynote has been OK, but I can’t say I’ve liked anything about the change.

    I’d never switch voluntarily to a Windows-based computer, however, having been forced to use one for many years in different school districts and when I worked for AT&T. Much worse on MANY fronts…

  2. bbiornst205 says:

    Not actually. My MacBook is very slow, I get the spinning rainbow beach ball constantly. I think I read somewhere that Mavericks takes 4 gb of RAM which is what my old (7 years) MacBook has. I am not able to upgrade the RAM on this machine, so I guess it’s time to get a new machine

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