A New Beginning

Quoted from Cool Cat Teacher Blog:

“Teaching is one of the few professions where you get to totally start over every year.”
– Betty Shiver

“She went on to remind us to truly make it a new start.

Look at every student with fresh eyes and be willing to let them change.
Look at every class with a new attitude to reach them.
Look at parents in a way that respects their desire to see their children succeed.
New. New. New.

Be willing to change your mind…
Today it is about being willing to change your mind.

Be willing to change your mind about yourself most of all. You can learn some new things. You can’t do EVERYTHING but you can do SOMETHING.”

I was recently viewing some nature videos on Vimeo and I thought about the title of this blog, Ripples.  I chose this name because of the phenomenon created by a rock thrown onto the surface of a still pond. I envisioned the ripples created by the pond emanating outward, touching the shore and reflecting back to the source. And my inner view of these ripples lead me to further visions of this same phenomena; sounds (resonating, vibrant, chords- combined sounds), rivers and the universe (swirls and eddys spinning off). Thus ripples became the metaphor and vision for relationships in general and teaching specifically.